Here are pictures and what the pictures do. By: Aaron and Jenna

Simple machine
What does it help you do? How does it help?
Picture, resource, video, etc.
It makes things lighter and you can hold more
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wheel and axle
As you can see it has wheels on the bottom and the axel pulls it.
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Inclind plane
It pulls heavy things that helps us when something is heavy and we need help carring it to the top floor those help us.
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levers can opperate many things. For example: it opens doors.
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the screw helps put things together.
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E xample
a force is a push or pull
If you push or pull anything it repesence a force.
what is done when a force moves soemthing
If you push or pull something and it moves than that is work if it doesn't move than it is not work.
the effort is a forse needed to move soemthing
People use effort to help move something.
Mechanical Advantage
This is a measure of how much effort you save by using a machine.
If I push a box up a 16 foot inclined plane to get onto a 4 ft shelf,
I need to divide 16/4=4. The mechanical advantage is 4. That means it is 4 times easier to lift the box using the incline plane.
A force (such as gravity or fraction) that slows down or stops movement
if something is moveing and your pulling it the other way, your the ressistance.

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The definitions are very good.
The examples make a lot of sense.

Example of how it helps you
A pulley makes things feel lighter, but it doesn’t actually make them lighter. A wheel and axle makes it easier to push or pull things. Some levers can open doors. You don’t really explain how a lever helps. The explanation for the screw is a good one.

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All the pictures are good examples.
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