How do different state economies grow?
The climate and the states natural recorces attracks people to come to that state, then there can be more consumers and producers.

What causes different growth?
In Florida the climate attrack's retired people to come to Florida. That is a good way to make producers sell more goods.

State 1:an example of florida is that they grow and sell oranges
State 2:An example of Washington is that they grow crannberries and sell it.

By: Julia,Sophia and Kathyn

Source Of Information: Social Studies Alive:Regions Of Our Counrty, Paulo Alto, TCI, 2010
: Money and You Economics 101 By: Jim Adams, 2003 jr. Scholastic

ORANGE.jpgDid you know that florida sells Oranges and they are very popular their?

CRAN.jpgDid you know in the state of Washington, People love crannberries and are very popular their?