My story by:Emma

Play Date With Julia


By: Emma Elgie.

One day after school I was bored because my sister Sophie had her friend over. So I invited Julia over and we played in my room and in my basement. And when my mom came up from my basement she said do you want to go to a restaurant to eat. And we went up and down Woodward and then we found a place called Athens Coney Island. Me and Julia looked at the menu and we got something called little chickadees (chicken stripes). And I made up a word named emishkama. And we were sitting and eating quietly and then my sister yelled hairy man! out of know ware. And the and the hole place looked at us. And every 5 minutes we heard a flush because we were sitting next to the girls bathroom. And then we were done so we paid and hoped in the car and drove Julia home but when we were in the car driving Julia home her dad called and her dad said we should have Emma over for dinner some time. And we got there and then she got out of the car and went to her door. Then we went home and when we got there I went in the house and lied down and fell aslepe.The end!!!